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Samsung Series 7 Chronos Review

Samsung Series 7 Chronos Review

The Korean manufacturer is launching a Series 7 Chronos notebook with 17 inches, the CES 2012 but has finally ended, leaving many but many products that we will have a long Timelines presentations before talking about the CES 2013. Las Vegas was the perfect setting for the different presentations of manufacturers in the technology segment and in this case we have one but the scope of the notebooks.

The next product listings then the presentation is the new Samsung Series 7 Chronos notebook with a screen of 17 inches. The notebook is an alternative to users who can not even buy a MacBook Pro from Apple. The notebook was developed to replace desktops for domestic and professional counting on the new generation of acer um08a41 and ATI graphics with 2 GB of memory dedicated to video.

The design is another plus point of the model, its housing and top cover are made entirely of aluminum. Meanwhile in the background have high quality plastic, all in the same color of the casing. Samsung said the election by the plastic material is to keep the notebook at low temperatures. So many experts on the subject as such pro inspiron 1521 battery team tested this model for a few minutes during the CES 2012 and approved the product, swaps very satisfactory.

The Samsung Series 7 Chronos also has a powerful JBL audio system through good sound boxes located the product provides a great sound. The subwoofer on the bottom of the notebook in turn provides a boost in the bass. Besides this one of the best features of Chronos is its 17-inch SuperBright display has a dull finish and a dell studio 1440n battery. To be consistent with users or gamers who are working on the laptop during the night, the product has a backlit keyboard conformtable visually.

The integrated ClickPad is great and very smooth as well as easy operation. The only doubt is in the battery life at the moment is totally unknown. The product will be launched in the international market in a very short time and has an MSRP of $ 1,499. No doubt that the dell studio 1450 battery is more attractive not only for its internal power but from the outside which is more than attractive and that is very similar to Apple products.

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